Unequivocal commitment to pursue what is more than Self.

Teaching Kabbalah for Everyone

As it can be plainly seen, teaching kabbalah is necessary for everyone who has a receptive heart and a listening ear. But as it should come as no surprise, by studying kabbalah, you are already teaching kabbalah.

Teaching kabbalah is in fact no different from doing kabbalah. It is not only “learn by doing” but “teach by doing”. Anyone practicing kabbalah in community is teaching kabbalah, and meditating upon the names of God in private is both teaching kabbalah to yourself and preparing to teach kabbalah to others.

God’s Kabbalah in Action

The basic principle of God’s kabbalah, being the true and pure light from which all visible kabbalah is reflected, informs the practice of kabbalah in communities connected organically one to another around the world. As we grow, our practice of kabbalah grows closer to God’s.

This also resolves the objection that kabbalah, being largely an oral tradition, is subject to such corruption and distortion that it would be expected to become untrustworthy. Rather, because the practice of kabbalah is organically grown, and overseen by an intelligent designer, even in its visible contradictions it provides the answer sufficient for every human and the consensus necessary for every situation.

Prophetic Kabbalah Communities

From the techniques of the original neviim (prophets), it is highly recommended to become accountable to other kabbalists, to study the sacred texts and share learning in a prophetic kabbalah community, to build trust one with another, to pursue God wholeheartedly, and particularly to meet weekly to call upon the names of God for worship and prayer. This creates the atmosphere in which God has been pleased to work in the past.

One incidental task that the community should form agreement upon is to find a reputable kabbalah store, and to choose study texts for the community to begin teaching kabbalah formally. One of the most important services the kabbalah store can perform for you is the location of primary source texts in Hebrew or English. Like a Torah scroll, these books are incomparable resources for a community that is teaching kabbalah.

All activity of the receptive heart is based on the principle “submitted for God’s approval”. When all human choices are given in submission for the divine Being to indicate approval or redirection and when these indications are obeyed, growth inevitably follows. God has ordered the submission and obedience as well as the growth so that they may reflect each other.