Unequivocal commitment to pursue what is more than Self.

The Future in Prophetic Kabbalah

What does the future hold? The prophetic kabbalah student answers presently and personally.

An answer submitted for God’s approval may be vague at first. As prophetic kabbalah is practiced, certainty of the future increases.

Certainty is identical with savant-level attunement to the complex whole arising naturally from consistent meditation upon universal kabbalah building blocks.

In God’s kabbalah, He is the ultimate. He is not a block but the Creator of all building blocks, resolved as diversities within echad.

Prophetic kabbalah reveals echad in all things, including Self.

Spiritual Energy as a Discipline

Prophetic kabbalah builds spiritual energy within Self; it harmonizes one’s spirit with the holy Spirit of the cosmos; it effaces Self and restores it.

These are all one discipline. Discipline in prophetic kabbalah is the art of calling on universal kabbalah energy to provide consistency in all things.

The student who has committed all being to the service of God’s kabbalah is granted the grace of growing in discipline.

Every moment of every day the question is whether one’s eye toward God is good and whether one’s mind is open.

You Will Be Teaching Kabbalah!

Studying prophetic kabbalah is also teaching kabbalah and continues until Torah is fleshed out in the life of the student of God’s kabbalah.

The Zohar describes the progression from low revelation to kabbalah to the highest embodiment of Torah in these words:

“In the Messianic time the higher soul of the Torah will stand revealed.”